Chivalry may be dead in real life, but it’s alive and kicking on “Private Practice,” at least for this week.

Addison turned psycho on her new SWAT boyfriend. She decided to secretly follow him after she suspected he might be cheating on her, only to end up getting arrested because she accidentally followed him to an undercover job. Of course, the whole situation led to some hopelessly romantic speech about how she has “trust issues,” and how he might be able to help her get through them – only on TV.

The tear-jerking moment of the season also happened during this episode when the practice has to find a way to help a husband whose wife has Alzheimer’s. Even though his own health is failing, he won’t admit his seriously sick wife to a nursing home because of a promise he made her – there is something wrong with you if you don’t cry, at least a little during this scene.

And for the surprise, Dell’s a dad.

Apparently some fling with a junkie when he was 17 landed him with a daughter, and hopefully some future interesting plots. This isn’t the first time “Practice” is hitting viewers with the safe sex message: The show made a point to show characters getting HIV tests before having unprotected sex. Kudos.

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