Although there’s an infinite number of shows filmed in New York, there’s only a handful filmed in South Florida – and even less in Palm Beach.

“Privileged” is a new show on the CW about a girl who lost her writing job in New York and took a job tutoring for a pair of rich twins down in Palm Beach. Although the setting is unique, the plot is far from it.

The “writer with the heart of gold who has to take a lousy nanny/babysitting/tutoring job and ends up falling in love with the rich family” plot has been done so many times before; it hurts just to even think about it.

But, it’s hard not to be endeared by a show that’s littered with familiar images, like a skyline outlining the Breakers hotel or the scenic drive along A1A.

Another perk of the show is the subtle humor that comes in the form of witty one liners, like when the chief says, “Poor Rumer Willis – she never wears it better” while thumbing through a tabloid, and “I puke better than that outfit you’re wearing.”

The foundational plot of the show may be on the weak side, but there’s potential in the acting and dialogue between the characters.

“Privileged” airs on the CW Tuesdays at 9 p.m., but catch up anytime at