The season premiere of “Grey’s Anatomy” delivered the strong writing and dramatic dialogue that was painfully missing from last season.

The show is back on track and doing what it does best: Reminding viewers that life is precious and can change at any moment. And doing it with steamy sex scenes splashed in between.

Like the lesbian fling between Callie and Dr. Hahn, which judging from this episode, might not be a fling after all.

It also looks like Dr. Yang has met her love match in the new badass military doctor, who comes to “Grey’s” this season – thank God, how long does it take to get over Burke? Now the mysterious military doctor just needs a nickname, maybe McBadass.

The only creepy thing about this episode were the three couples who got in a limo accident on their way to a ball – meaning all the women were wearing gowns in the hospital waiting for updates on their injured husbands.

Enough with women in prom dresses crying already. It’s just weird.

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