Ex-wives, HIV-positive pregnant women, and two friends who might be too close for comfort – that’s what went on this week on Grey’s Anatomy . Addison, Derek’s ex-wife, came back for a special guest appearance this week – still not sure why.

Callie Torres and Erica Hahn have become really close friends, perhaps a little too close. Rumors are spreading that the two might even be a couple. Chances are this lesbian couple will sizzle out fast, since Callie isn’t too keen on the concept. On the other hand, Hahn seems like she’s falling hard for Callie. It only makes sense that Hahn is into chicks – why else would she turn down McSteamy? But something does seem to be brewing between Hahn and Cristina Yang, and that’s a more likely match. Only time will tell.

Besides the future lesbian couple, the show is still beating the Meredith and Derek relationship with a stick. They are together, they’re not together – just pick one already.

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