The squirmy off-the-wall scenarios, unusual cast of characters and full-frontal nudity makes for an interesting film plot and many good laughs.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is not just a comedy; it also serves up the side of men most people don’t see – vulnerability after a break up.

After Peter Bretter (Jason Segel), the all-around good guy, gets dumped by sexy television sitcom star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), his life turns to shreds and he goes into a deep depression. So, Peter hits up the bar scene and has multiple one-night stands to move on, but nothing seems to help until he hits the Hawaiian Islands.

Once in Hawaii, his pleasant vacation turns sour after not only running into his ex at the same resort he’s in, but her new flame, Aldous (Russell Brand), who is a … well … colorful rock star. This leaves plenty of snicker-worthy odd scenes and humiliating moments.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall actually turns out to be quite unforgettable, filled with racy scenes and out-of-the-ordinary dialogue. Nevertheless, it’s weaved with a love story beneath all those outrageous moments.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall is in theaters now.