Student hits the big screen

Two years ago, James Schram walked the busy cement floors of the Breezeway, stood in line for books and rode around the Boca campus on his Razor scooter. Today, the former multimedia journalism major walks the set of a major motion picture.

Schram, 24, left FAU during his senior year to go to another school and now stars in a movie produced and directed by his father, Jerry Schram. The film, titled Insidious, will have its March debut in New York and hit the big screen later this year.

“My parents were both in the acting business,” says Schram. “They acted in a lot of plays and I basically grew up backstage.”

The New York native stars as Donny Rocconi, a 21-year-old filmmaker struggling to make ends meet, who seeks out the help of a “connected” Mulberry Street cafe owner with more problems than the Russian mob.

As the character of Rocconi progresses through this mysterious urban drama, he faces a fight for truth, love and life itself. Along the road of desperation he is betrayed and realizes that “money changes the intentions of everything.”

For Schram, who notes much of his success came from the support of his parents, this isn’t the first time in front of the camera. He’s also had small supporting roles in short films, documentaries and even daytime dramas including a small role in “As the World Turns” on CBS.

“I’m a full time actor – I enjoy it tremendously,” he says. “So I’m always ready for whatever.”

Even his father, producer and director of Insidious, says that he cast his son for the lead role in the film simply because he learned it better than anyone else.

“His ability, passion and honesty in performance are unparalleled,” says Jerry Schram.

Jerry stated that working with him was an honor and yet no different than working with anybody else.

Augustus Diorio, 61, who stars as the coffee shop owner in Insidious, says working with Schram has been a pleasure. In fact, Diorio said he enjoyed working on a film geared toward young people.

“This film is guided towards a wide audience,” says Diorio, who notes this is his 176th film. “If you’re young, you’ll relate to Schram’s character and if you’re older you will probably relate to my character – the movie is for everyone.”

Stay Tuned Movie detailsTitle: InsidiousStatus: Production/Awaiting Release Genre: Drama, ThrillerDirector: Jerry SchramRating: NR

Acting creditsBrenda Cooney – ArinMegan Corry – NaomiAugustus Diorio – GigettoLise Fisher – GloriaLou Martini Jr. – GlockJames Schram – DonnyJerry Schram – DukeMichele Sims – HarrisKaren Sours – PaigeZoltan Szalas – ZeeAllison Carter Thomas – LaynKatya Zakharova – Gabrielle

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