Achieve: Shaken & Stirred

BEST BAR TO GET SEA SICK.Tiki Waterfront Sea GrillBy: Tania Stoose Staff Writer

When you drive up, don’t let the less-than-desirable neighborhood fool you. Through the white iron gates of the Riviera Beach Marina lies a little known oasis called Tiki. Located literally on the docks of the marina, this open-air oasis is only a stone’s throw from Peanut Island, and it’s a great place to soak up the sun and down some cocktails on a warm day.

What makes the Tiki so unique is its ultra-casual, right-off-the-boat or right-after-work, anything-goes atmosphere. A one-man band plays most evenings and nights, while the Tiki features full bands on a wooden stage Friday, Saturday and Sundays. You can choose to sit “upstairs” under the giant, authentic, Seminole-thatched tiki hut, around the lower of two bars at the abundant high tops, or on the deck under an umbrella at the end of which the stage is located.

There is docking available should you choose to come by boat as many, many people do during the summer afternoons after a day at Peanut Island. Be advised, however, that this place is sans AC, as it is all open air. If you are afraid of earth’s natural elements, stay away.

Rum buckets will run you $12 ($3 cheaper than the Rum Bar), and for the rest of the season, Landshark Lager is only $3 bottle. Not a fan of the fin? a popular option is a bucket of Bud, Bud Light or Bud Select for $10.

The food is the best value for price you will find. $17-$22 fresh fish entrees beat any restaurant around. Chef Keith’s unique New Orleans background lends a creative and totally unique flavor to all the dishes. Feel like something a little lighter? The smoked fish dip is hands down the best second only to my favorite – the seared ahi tuna ponzu. This stuff is so good… I never even liked seared tuna till I tried this – no joke!

Whether you are looking for delicious, well-priced food or somewhere to drink and soak in the South Florida water culture (live tunes included), the Tiki is your unique, quirky solution.

200 E. 13th St. Inside Riviera Beach Marina. Riviera Beach, FL 33404 (561) 845-5532

BEST BAR TO GET DRUNK AND STILL LOOK TRENDYCoffee DistrictBy Amanda Leth Staff Writer

Smack in the middle of all the downtown Atlantic coast hotspots is a trendy little café called Coffee District. This place has a full-service bar with a variety of wines and beers from across the world.

The Coffee District also features local bands on a regular basis, and every Thursday night is open mic. The best part about this place is you can go with a group of people who you don’t even like that well, because the entertainment is so good you won’t have to talk to your friends.

Along with the bar, Coffee District serves up a unique mix of coffees and juices. The menu is equally eclectic with a range of exotic healthy foods.

The atmosphere is decidedly artsy-meets-South Florida style, so be prepared to dress up – a messy T-shirt and jeans just won’t cut it. And also be prepared to pay just a tad above the usual prices for that area – it is a classy joint, after all.

325 NE 2nd Ave., Delray BeachCall (561) 455-0541