Laugh it Up

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They came, they did stand-up, and they delivered as promised. Greg Giraldo and company brought nothing but laughs to the Carole and Barry Kaye Auditorium on Monday as Comedy Central presented the Indecision 2008 Tour.

The show comically depicted some of what is occurring within the upcoming 2008 Presidential Election, along with other satire that had the crowd in chuckles. “I was really surprised that FAU was able to bring something this big and fun to campus,” said Business major, junior Evans Scheller.

The comedy show was one event of many that kicked off FAU’s Join It: Civic Engagement Week – a celebration of events that hopes to encourage students and even the community to get involved and to learn about the political process. The events coincide with the presidential primary debates that will be held at FAU’s Boca Raton campus on January 24 and 27.

FAU History Professor Kenneth Osgood introduced the program but before the laughter began, he introduced the winners of the contests that encouraged students to participate to win tickets to the Presidential Primary Debates.

The 17 finalists from the essay, YouTube video and t-shirt contests won front row seats to the Comedy Central show on Monday, as well as a seat to the debates next week.

After the introduction by Osgood, comedian Dan Boulger took the stage to share his take on issues, even going as far as to compare some of the candidates to Football players.

“Obama is like the slick wide receiver and Clinton is like the angry wide fullback.”

After the amusing introduction by Boulger, James Adomian as George Bush walked out in full President gear, accepting questions from the audience that ranged from his stance on global warming to his preference of boxers or briefs.

“Neither,” he replied to the personal question.

Student turnout was high, and some thought it was nothing short of hilarious.

“I thought that the George Bush impressionist was really funny and was a good item to include into the show,” said Junior Kalyn LeBlanc.

After another short skit from host Boulger, headliner Greg Giraldo came out on stage and really began the show.

“Are we gunna fuck this one up, too, guys?” Giraldo said, poking fun at Florida’s problems with elections in the past. “If you need any help, just ask. I’ll come down and poke all the Chads you need.”

Giraldo wasted no time in telling the audience how he felt about some of the candidates.

“I fucking hate Mike Huckabee,” Giraldo said. “All he does is lie – just like every other candidate.”

While some of the crowd had specks of visitors from the public, the student majority was sure to love the comedy.

“I thought the headliner Greg Giraldo was great and that is why I came to the show” Scheller said.

Giraldo also ridiculed some of the real issues that are a hot topic within the election, such as the oil prices here in America. Talking about how other countries are using different oil methods and that the U.S. isn’t.

“How the fuck did Brazil get ahead of us in oil making when their last famous invention was the waxing bikini’s?” Giraldo asked the audience.

“I liked how Giraldo switched it up and didn’t just make fun of the politicians the whole time,” LeBlanc said.

Nursing Freshman Alicia Wilkerson thought that there should have been more mockery about the politics since that was pretty much the reason the show was here.

“I would have liked to seen more jokes on what the politicians are actually saying in their campaigns and about the issues” said Wilkerson.

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