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Local Band you don’t want to miss: The Mission VeoDebut CD and performance at Buzz Bake SaleBy Amanda Leth

Usually, there are certain hairstyles that should be considered off limits, especially mullets with rat tales, but in the case of Local band, the Mission Veo, we can make an exception. (Check out their video on the homepage)

Mission Veo has been rocking the local music scene extra hard lately with the release of their debut CD, the Mission Veo LP and the recent news that they’re going to perform at Buzz Bake Sale.

The band really earned some fame when they headlined a stage on MTV’s 2004 Rock the Vote Tour. They’ve been performing locally for over three years and have built a pretty large fan base. This album has been anticipated for some time. But if you’ve been following them from the beginning don’t expect to hear the same old sound you’ve heard before. The album creates a whole new sound that new for the band.

The Mission Veo proclaims to have an indie sound, but that doesn’t mean the music is slow by any means. The first track booms with a beat that makes you want to move your feet. The lead guitarist, Ben, really carries the beat throughout the songs.

The first few tracks may have been a little slow, but don’t let that discourage you. Listen the entire CD, tracks five and six were my favorites and their hit song is New York Scum .

The songs produce a mellow vibe with an aggressive beat that’s perfect to listen to in your car or when you’re working out. If you’re an FAU student, or just interested in local music you don’t want to let this album or their next performance pass you by.

Still want more?

you can buy Mission Veo’s self-titled Debut album today at www.contemptrecords.com

Dec. 1 at 103.01 Buzz Bake Sale w/ The Used, Paramore, The Almost & more601 Sansburys Way 7, West Palm Beach, 33411103.01 Festival @ Sound Advice Amphitheatre

Last minute costume ideasBy Meagan Perle the Fashion girl

Halloween is a hop, skip and a jump away, and if you are STILL without a costume, have no fear. I am here to rock some of the best last minute costume ideas. As always, there is always the option of running to the store to buy a costume. Spirit Halloween is an awesome seasonal Halloween store open for business not far from the Boca FAU campus off Glades. If time is not so-of-the-essence there is a Hot Topic in the Boynton Mall. Hot Topic is known for carrying all of the sexy costumes like the “sexy cop,” or the “naughty nurse.” For guys they have the Spartan, complete with shield and armor, the pieces for Dracula and even a mummy costume. If you are the stereotypical starving college student and don’t have $70 to drop on a costume, there are always other options. Get creative. Girls, its easy too to throw on a baby-doll dress, put your hair in pigtails, rose your cheeks and call yourself a little girl? Guys borrow your girlfriend’s makeup wear all black and say you’re a “dead man walking.” Perez Hilton also reported on his blog that Ellegirl.com has come up with a lot of fun inexpensive costumes to mirror some of your favorite celebrities. My personal favorite is Amy Winehouse: cut off denim shorts, a wife beater, rub on tattoos and big black hair. Happy Halloween Owls!

HELLISH HALLOWEEN SOUNDS Top Five Favorite Halloween SongsBy Anthony A. Choman

Listen up all you boils and ghouls, here are five wickedly delicious songs for this Halloween that are sure to make the dead walk and may even make that lame party you’re going to worth the fright…errr, I mean night. These five songs are sure to fill your Halloween with all treats and no tricks. Be sure to tell your Mummy and Daddy that you might not ever return; and remember, whatever you do…don’t lose your heads and take it easy on the witch’s brew.

This Is Halloween – Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack)

Perhaps the single greatest track for Halloween, not only is it featured as the opening track in Tim Burton’s classic film but it is rapidly becoming the official anthem of All Hallows Eve. Serious enough for both the day-stalkers and night-walkers at your party This Is Halloween is also safe enough for the younger goblins in your pack of nightmares.

Thriller by Michael Jackson

Whether or not you want to admit it “Jacko” is anything but whacko on this scary-good track. In the video it even made rotting corpses, rank with rot, move better than anybody on Dancing With The Stars. Plus, Thriller features the all time scariest guy that ever stalked the land, Mr. Vincent Price. That single fact alone is enough to ensure Thriller’s inclusion on any Halloween party mix. Complete with creaking doors, eerie synthesizers, and one of the greatest videos ever to be made Thriller is sure to get a rise out of even the most deathly of partygoers.The Monster Mash – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

The Monster Mash may indeed be the jam that your parents bobbed for apples to long before you were even born, however, Boris Pickett’s ode to All Hallows Eve is a must for each and every party mix.

Living Dead Girll – Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie has been carving out his niche in both film and music in hopes of becoming the horror genre’s “it” ghoul and this early track from his debut solo album Hellbilly Deluxe reminds us why. The title and lyrics say it all here for this song plus, it’s sure to keep the hard-rock-lusting zombies in your pack content.

If I Was Your Vampire – Marilyn Manson

Though he’s known for far more than being a wannabe shock-rocker, Marilyn Manson has indeed frightened many a PTA groups in his day. With this particular track of Mr. Manson’s listeners are treated to a blood-coagulating, spine-chilling love song that has the potential to seal the tomb, so to speak, with that particularly gothic corpse-bride you met while bobbing for apples.

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