‘Thank You’

Dear FAU Men’s Basketball Team,

Thank you. Now that the season is over, I want to take the time to acknowledge what this team has meant to University.

Thank You, Matt Doherty, for not believing in this team and following the money train to SMU where your three conference wins have you 2nd to last place in Conference USA. If you didn’t leave, a truly great coach Rex Walters would not have been able to take this program in the right direction.

Thank you, Rex Walters, for believing that this team is more than a resume builder. You have put your heart and soul into this team, which is evident by the emotion you exude with every play. It’s not over the top annoying like Doherty was. It’s obvious that your emotion stems from truly caring about the kids you’re coaching. Your personality and coaching style allowed these players to win 16 games, an improvement over last season’s 15 in the weaker Atlantic Sun Conference.

Thank you, Brent Crews and De Andre Rice, for providing senior leadership to a very young team that looked to you in tough games. Brent, you were the leader of this team on the court, not just with your outstanding play (4th in Sun Belt assist per games), but also with your competitive fire that made you the heart of this team. Thank you to ‘Dre’ for fighting through off the court struggles that kept you out of 10 games this season. You overcame adversity to be the 3rd leading scorer in the Sun Belt with almost 20ppg. And we all saw you put the entire team on your shoulders against FIU, helping us win our first Sun Belt Conference Tournament game.

Thank you, Derrick Simmons, for providing instant energy off the bench for the entire season, which was worth so much more than your 7ppg suggest. Your ‘put back’ dunks ignited the your team and the crowd all season.

Thank you, Carlos Monroe and Paul Graham, for representing the present and future of FAU basketball. Carlos you’re one of the best players in the conference, averaging 18ppg and 9.5rpg, and without question you’re the ‘coolest’ player in all of college basketball. You’re ‘Ice Cold’ demeanor provided the example for the rest of the team on how to handle the pressure of tournament basketball. Paul, first a special thanks for doing like 9 post game shows with OWL Radio, but more importantly thanks for providing the spark to this team every time they needed it, which is evident by your 1spg average.

Thank you, to the rest of the owls, whether it was Sean Alarcon coming up with big steals in overtime, Jeff Parmer grabbing 11 big rebounds against Troy in a crucial home victory. This team is were it’s at because of you. Avery Holley provided exciting AND 1 dribble drives. Kone provided much needed relief for Parmer and Monroe. Eni Cuka always stepped up big in his minutes, backing up Crews and Enrique Rodriquez, because if he came in the game we had the victory in the bag.

Finally, thank you to the fans for coming out to the games. The ‘Rowdy Rex’s’ is a very positive organization that really gets the FAU student section rocking. The one suggestion I would have for you is become an official club at FAU, and get money from the university and promote so everyone will join. The players love you, and you’re the reason why the team was 11-2 at ‘The Burrow’ this season.

Thank you, for showing the nation that we are not a team or school that is going to lay down and accept being picked last in anything.