Presidential Candidates Pleased With First Day of Voting

During the first day of voting for student body president last summer, members of the opposing parties almost threw punches, and First Amendment rights were called into question when election commissioners attempted to confiscate a newspaper article that was unfavorable toward one candidate.

The first day of voting, this time around, produced a much calmer and friendlier result.

Presidential candidates Jared Torres of the Movement party and Tony Teixeira of the Reform Party were pleased with voter turnout, lack of controversy and lack of hostility.

“I’m doing my own thing, and he’s doing his own thing, and that’s good thing,” said Teixeira.

Teixeira and Torres had no problem shaking hands for photographs and spending time chatting with each other.

“Me and Tony were just talking and discussing issues on campus,” Torres said afterward. And at one point Teixeira was seen sitting on Torres’ campaign table.

Torres called the atmosphere “friendly” and Teixeira, who ran for president last year, said this time around was “a lot less stress.”

Their only complaint – polling locations.

Torres was unhappy that the polling location at the business building opened up several hours late while Teixeira was unsure if it was appropriate to have a polling location downstairs from Student Government’s offices in the University Center on the Boca campus.

Voting for next year’s student body president began Tuesday and ends Wednesday at 7 p.m.

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