FAU Days in Tallahassee


TALLAHASSEE, FL (March 21, 2007) – Palm Beach County Days – On March 5th-8th, a delegation of 16 students, faculty, administrators and staff, including President Frank T. Brogan and the majority of the Board of Trustees went to the state’s capitol to represent Florida Atlantic University. The group offered legislators and visitors the chance to experience the exciting happenings at our school.

There was a comprehensive display showcasing the different departments at FAU, from the leading-edge research and development headed by Dr. Lemanski, Vice President of the department, to academic excellence and athletic achievement. Furthermore, FAU was very proud to be the premier sponsor for the 2007 Palm Beach County Days which highlighted the best of the region for Florida’s legislators.

It was a great experience for students to go to the state’s capitol and network with the different FAU officials as well as with Florida Senators, Representatives and leaders in the Palm Beach County Community. The Legislative Days included one-on-one sessions with lawmakers and provided a forum to discuss important funding priorities for the University.

The representatives and senators were approachable and excited to talk to the students. They are big supporters of FAU and were pleased to see so many students involved. President Brogan was very impressed with the way students lobbied to the legislators. Among the main legislative budget issues were the FAU/UM Regional Medical Program, recruitment and retention of world-class graduate students, student financial aid to increase diversity along with others. FAU secured the $4,700,000 for the medical program.

The first piece of legislation passed in the 2007 session of the Florida Senate was a resolution recognizing the accomplishments and contributions of our University. The Senate congratulated and commended Florida Atlantic University for the many important contributions it has made and continues to make to higher education in the State of Florida. Moreover, Student Body President, Austin Shaw was recognized on the Senate floor by Ken Pruitt, President of the Senate. Once again, he made us proud to have him as our leader. Austin also participated in lobbying FAU’s interests to top Florida legislators accompanied with the Board of Trustees.

FAU Days gave Florida’s governing officials a reminder of the important role FAU plays in Southeast Florida, the entire state and the world through its seven campuses, more than 26,000 students and 170-plus degree programs.

BOCA RATON, FL – On March 12th, 3 candidacy meetings were held to discuss how the Student Government elections are going to be run. Throughout the week, more meetings will be held at the partner campuses. “This year’s elections are going to be run much different from the one last year’s”; Andrew Barry, Supervisor of Elections.

Presidential Candidates: Jared Torres, Tony Teixeira and Jeffrey Joyner. Vice Presidential Candidates: Rakibur Joarder, Abraham Cohen and Christopher Ficarra. Boca Raton Gubernatorial Candidates: Janna Renee Fowler, Teo Penov and Matthew Jarett. Broward Gubernatorial Candidates: Ruth Rader and Pricilla Velasquez. Jupiter Gubernatorial Candidates: Edward Fulton and Eric Raborn. Port St. Lucie Gubernatorial Candidates: Paul Lowe. Boca Raton Congressional Candidates: Garrett Carlson, Christopher Ayala, Andrew Rebar and Natalie O’Connor. Broward Congressional Candidate: Roberta T. Shepherd.

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