2007 Boca Gubernatorial Race

The Boca gubernatorial candidates for the 2007 student government elections feature junior, Janna Fowler of the Reform party and sophomore, Matthew Jarrett of the Movement party. Their debate, which took place last Thursday, was a stage on which fair innocence and seasoned strife played out.

Following brief opening statements the candidates were given an opportunity to ask questions to one another before opening up the floor to the audience.

Fowler oft-citing her vast experience and success with the Program Board as a defense to thwart off offensive threats questioning her inexperience: “its a learning experience, like I’ve said over and over again, this what I’m looking forward to.”

Jarrett clung to the plights of students (parking and tuition fees) as though they were both his salve and salvation: “…one thing I will lobby for across the board for graduate students, undergraduate students, is to stop tuition increases.”

After a brief moment of deliberation, Fowler asked the first question, “have you planned any events on campus?”

“One event that I plan to have is an event that will allow a lot of the student body to get to know their student government representatives,” Jarrett responded. “I’ve heard numerous times that students don’t know what’s going on on-campus and…don’t know who their SGA members are.” Jarrett also explained that he helped the current Boca governor with Marti Gras.

Jarrett fired back, “How would you address the issue of parking?”

“Well its a touchy subject…because as we all know there is none and we don’t have the funds really,” Fowler said. “But there’s definitely ways, we can raise money…finagle budgets…I, personally, would really enjoy a few more garages on campus in order to build up.”

Amidst throngs of blue and yellow, grad and undergrad, the sea of those in attendance seemed to almost ebb passively and flow violently. Nonetheless, as the evening’s informally/formal war of words waged on, a floor question addressed increasing support for graduate students on campus.

“As governor if this was brought to me…I definitely would have to address…” Fowler said. “I would have to go in and look and find out from [grad] students exactly what you want.”

“Graduate students should be equally recognized just as much as the undergraduate students,” Jarrett said. “One thing I will lobby for across the board for graduate students, undergraduate students, is to stop tuition increases.”

In the week prior to the debate both gubernatorial candidates possessed enough media-savvy to wax poetic on their politics, person and party.

When asked why she decided to run for SG governor on the Boca campus, Fowler replied, “Now that the new constitution is up and running…the student body are ready for a change. There’s something in the air, things are happening and I just want to part of it, I want to make an impact.”

Both candidates had similar answers, when posed the same question in the week before the debate “Transformation” Jarrett stated. “With the new draft of the constitution and the construction of new facilities [like the recreational center], things are happening and I want to be part of the impact.”