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BOCA RATON, FL (October 3, 2006) – Student Government is hard at work to serve the student body of FAU.

The President’s Administrative Cabinet (PAC) has great directors working throughout all the campuses to best benefit the students.

Kirk Murray, Student Body President, went to the Board of Trustees (BOT) Retreat on Sept. 26-27 to ensure that the students at FAU have representation at the highest level. The BOT are responsible for cost-effective policy decisions appropriate to the university’s mission, the implementation and maintenance of high-quality education programs, the measurement of performance, the reporting of information and the provision of input regarding state policy, budgeting, and education standards. President Murray brought up the parking issue and the high tuition cost especially for international and out-of-state students which are major concerns for all students. The BOT and Murray are working to find solutions. They also discussed bringing more recreational activities for the students so their involvement increases throughout the campuses.

Last weekend, the PAC, governors, senators, and University Wide Council officials attended the Florida Student Association (FSA) meeting. It was a cross-cultural group of SG officials representing one of the most diverse Universities in the state. The meeting was held on Sept 29th, it was hosted by the USF Student Government in Tampa. FAU’s Student Government made quite an impact at FSA after not being around for over a year and a half; student governments from all across Florida met at this meeting.

FAU was the second largest delegation and the most vocal school. They voiced their opinions and concerns; everyone is now aware of Student Government at

FAU. The meeting had different Council committees such as Executive Board, Council of Vice Presidents, Senate Leadership Council, Governmental Relations Council and Council of Fiscal Agents. Additionally, FAU had full representation in every Council meeting. These Council meetings gave each branch the opportunity to make their points and get advice from the different SGAs. The purpose of this journey was to bring back ideas on how to improve Student Government at FAU.

“I was honored to be able to bring back FAU’s Student Government to FSA as we have been lacking representation in the past. This meeting was very critical as items were being placed on the 2007 Legislative Agenda”, said Kirk

Murray. At the meeting, President Murray lobbied to keep the international students on the 2007 Agenda. Moreover, he mentioned that he will not be supportive of a Block Tuition because it will not be beneficial to the large number of FAU’s non traditional students.

Moreover, Stephen Skeels, Director of Athletics, traveled to Louisiana Sept. 29th with the Football team to show our support and to obverse how other schools host tailgates and support their athletics teams. He commented that it was a great experience to travel with the team, as he was able to get an insight on the lives of the student athletes and he took part of the victory celebration after the game.

SGA will have a Tailgate Party to show our support at our 1st home game against Southern Utah on Oct. 12th at Lockhart Stadium.

SGA is currently working with Administration to rewrite the Constitution. This will benefit all students since they are going to get a modified and improved guideline. The rewriting of this document will produce a clear and concise Constitution that is readable for all students.

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For more information about SGA, contact Maria Abad, Director of Community Relations, at 561-297-2826 or [email protected].