Witness Comes Forward in Book-Voucher Investigation

On Wednesday, former Boca student senator Winston Rodriguez told the UP that Kirk Murray asked him to participate in a plan to buy textbooks with student-funded vouchers and then turn them back in for cash.

“I know it happened for a fact,” Rodriguez says. “Mr. Murray told me himself,”

Rodriguez says that Murray explained how the plan would work and asked him to participate. But he says, “I did decline to participate.”

Rodriguez says Murray and others went into the FAU bookstore on the Boca campus and purchased between $300 to $400 of books with the SG book vouchers, which were intended to be given to students.

The next day Murray and his friends would return the books for cash, Rodriguez says, adding that he’s been in contact with FAU police. He wouldn’t comment further, other than to say,

“This is disastrous for the student body population.”

Murray could not be reached for comment again.