Summer Update #4

What happened: Only ten days after FAU officials and historic preservationists celebrated a renovation of T-3, a World War II-era building on the Boca campus, the former barracks burnt to the ground. Scott Ellington, director of FAU’s Research and Development Park, confirmed that the building went up in flames after lightning struck during a storm in the early morning May 16. T-3 was the largest of the T-buildings located in the research park and was slated for commercial use. It had been a part of the Boca Raton Army Air Field Base, and it had was used during WWII to train radar operators.

What’s new: Ellington said that the remaining bricks from T-3 will be donated to the Boca Raton Army Air Field (BRAAF) Preservation Society, and the money raised will go towards building a memorial and to move or renovate the other T-Buildings. Sally J. Ling, chairperson of BRAAF, said her organization will be turning their attention to saving the remaining T-buildings and hopes to sell the donated bricks to people who want to honor BRAAF and WWII veterans.