Student Body President Candidate Tony Teixeira

To all whose votes in the last election have been disenfranchised, I apologize and gracefully ask for your support again. The corruption and deceit which prevented me from taking office the first time, was not enough to hold me down, I know we can win this again. For the first time in our university’s history we have gone over two months without a student body President. After months of neglect and delay, it has taken threats from Administration to finally get the process of re- electing a new President up and running again. And so I present to you, my plan and vision.

I believe that in order for Student Government to be effective, it must initiate programs that will aid ALL of its constituents, and not just a select few. And so today, I present to you, my platform with a fresh outlook and innovative ideas.

I have developed, and plan to initiate educational assistance programs, not just for Math, but Science, English and Engineering as well.

I will push for more strategic lighting on all campuses and a new Abuse Awareness and Prevention program, that students will want to take part in, because, abuse of one student whether physical or verbal, is one too many.

I will push for more parking on all campuses, because nobody should have to leave two hours early for a 30 minute trip.

The college experience should be much more than just going to class and earning a degree. Our school lacks enthusiasm and involvement. We must give students and faculty, reason to be involved before and after class, and yes, the weekend as well. I believe our student clubs are the lifeline of this process. That is why; I plan to change rules which hinder a clubs involvement, so that they may grow exponentially. Also, more attention must be paid to the needs of the non-mainstream clubs and organizations such as Engineering and the various honors societies, so that they no longer feel neglected, when it comes to student government initiatives.

I believe that Greek life should be showcased for all to see and more to get involved in. As an advocate of good health and well being, I support the development of a new Wellness center and recreational facilities that cater to the needs of all students.

I am well aware of the various differences between each respective campus, and believe each individual campus Governor should be given more autonomy so that they may directly cater to their campus needs.

Lastly, I want to put an end to negative reports on Student Government in our local newspapers. There is so much more that Student Government is capable of and should be known for.

This is an election with clear alternatives. I offer not only a new agenda, but also a new approach – a vision of a welcoming society in which all have a place. To all students, traditional and non- I send this message:


Tony Teixeira

President Elect ’06