So How Did FAU End Up Headless?

After no presidential candidate received the required fifty-percent ofthe vote in SG’s annual election six weeks ago, they held a run-offsix days later to determine who would hold the student body’s topposition.Tony Teixeira won the vote but his opponent Kirk Murray quicklydisputed the election.Last Friday the UWC held a student court meeting, hearing numerousappeals. By the end of the day, they decided to invalidate the firstrun-off and hold a second one.Murray claimed Elections Supervisor Bryce Jones violated SG’sconstitution by holding a one-day instead of a two-day run-off asrequired by SG rules.While Jones never denied the accusations, he strongly believed thatsince both parties had an equal amount of time to prepare andcampaign, it was fair or equally unfair to both candidates.So why was there only a one-day run-off in the first place? Accordingto Jones, the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County act as pollworkers for SG elections and because they were not given enough time,they were only able to commit to one day.Two-day elections are preferred because many students take classes onalternating days so two days give a larger portion of the student bodya chance to vote.By the time Jones was appointed – six months behind schedule – heonly had three weeks to put together an election. And because of that, he was forced to come up with an election timeline before he had timeto contact all of the necessary parties involved.”How was I supposed to follow the constitution when the constitutionwas already broken when I took the job,” Jones asked.Jones rejected Murray’s argument that the election was unfair and helet the results stand. Murray, however, appealed the decision to thestudent court.But there’s a problem with that — there hasn’t been a full studentcourt in more than a year.So, according to SG rules the UWC must take on the role of the courtits absence. Murray raised an objection to the last semester’s UWCacting as a court and hearing his dispute. He believed some of themwould be biased because they publicly supported his opponent. However, he did not raise those same objections last Friday when six of thenine current UWC members had campaigned on his ticket.However, his opponent Tony Teixeira did.”The people who directly supported Kirk shouldn’t have been here tovote,” he said during the meeting.Neither candidate is giving up their chance to be president without afight. And there’s more than just a title at stake. The student bodypresident receives tuition reimbursement, more than $12,000 in salary, a blackberry, an office in the University Center on the Boca campusand his or her own campus parking spot.