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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


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FAU Health Admin Students Selling Entertainment Coupon Books

Members of FAU’s American College of Health Care Financial Administrators (an organization for students majoring in Health Administration) are selling coupon books to help raise money for their upcoming events and activities. These include community outreaches, such as eyeglass drives and supply collections for the Elderly Interest Fund, career building activities, touring health care facilities and attending regional and national professional conferences.

The “Entertainment” 2006 coupon book features over $7,500 in local savings for the Ft. Lauderdale-Palm Beach areas, including discounts on dining, travel, hotels, movies and special attractions, sporting events, merchandise and other services. The book costs $30 and will be on sale through Dec. 31. To purchase a book, contact Dr. Dennis Palkon at 561-297-3208, 954-421-6410 or e-mail [email protected].

FAU’s New Wheelchair-accessible Golf Cart

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) recently purchased a new Wheelchair-accessible golf cart, the first of its kind at FAU. At 13 feet long, it seats four people and a person in a wheelchair. It’s like a standard golf cart with two sets of seats, but where the back seats would be there is a ramp and space for a wheelchair.

When the OSD was looking to replace their old golf cart they decided on this one because it takes into account everyone’s needs, says Carrie Carter-Erwin the OSD’s Test Facilitator.

“So often we (the staff) hop on our golf carts and go,” she says. “We don’t even think about the people in wheelchairs who don’t have that option.”

Erwin says FAU’s Boca campus, which has about 12 to 15 students, a staff and a faculty member in wheelchairs, will benefit from this new addition.

“If anything I’d like to see it raise awareness on campus,” she says. James Walborn, Communications Specialist for the OSD, agrees: “Besides having the ability to transport mobility-impaired students, we hope that the golf cart will represent a model of universal design for all other FAU agencies and inspire them to purchase a similar vehicle when ordering a new cart.”

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