Letters to the Editor

I am amazed that in 2005 at the university level, you can still find an exemplary example of a male chauvinist, bigoted journalism. Christopher J. Pumphrey’s article in the “Opinions” section, June edition, asks the FAU lady owls to get a story, if they’re going to get a tattoo. Mr. Pumphrey is using his time at FAU to look upon women and states “There is no shortage of beautiful girls roaming these sidewalks and hallway. And as I politely slide my gaze from head to toe then back again, I have noticed a common trend, Tattoos.” Mr. Pumphrey goes on to state that Lady Owls are “willing to spend two weeks of daddy’s meal money” on a tattoo but would not “expound on whether or not I think a girl with a tattoo is hotter or less hot.” Mr. Pumphrey also states that he likes to paint tattoos on his woman with edible colors so he may lick them off. As Mr. Pumphrey says in his article, “But it can get worse.”, as he goes on to refer to a girl he met in a bar as, “to say the least, lightheaded” and describes another woman’s older figure 8/infinity tattoo as a “blurry, cartoon bunghole.” Since I personally have never personally seen a “bunghole” and can’t rightfully expound on whether or not it shaped like a figure 8.

I do agree with Mr. Pumphrey concerns that when one gets a tattoo, one should know what the symbol, text or artwork means. I personal have several tattoos ranging from Thor, God of Thunder representing my son to several Celtic knots since I have an Irish background and an interest in medieval art. However, to concentrate on the female population for a trend at includes both sexes and use vocabulary that is excessively degrading toward women shows that Mr. Pumphrey should be using his daddy’s meal money for a course in ethics or social issues instead women watching or at the bar talking to girls with tattoos.

However, if there is a “Shame On You Award” at FAU, it should not go to Christopher J. Pumphrey, it should be awarded to the editor of the FAU University Press for allowing such a bigoted opinion to appear in our paper. This type of journalism does nothing for reputation of FAU co-ed population nor does it entice women to register at our university for what is called a higher education. In the middle of a war (which was not mentioned at all in the June issue), you’d think there would be some other important subjects other than a male student perpetrating girls with meaningless tattoos.

Patricia A. McCarthyStudent

As Editor-in-Chief of the University Press, I would like to formally invite Miss McCarthy, and anyone else, who has concerns about the UP to attend one of our weekly meetings every Friday at s p.m. in UC214. Also, if you believe you can out-write Mr. Pumphrey, consider this an open invitation for submissions. Please send your opinion pieces or letters to the editor to [email protected] you,Jake SmithEditor-in-Chief

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