Test Your Hip-Hop Nah’ Ledge

Across4. No doubt (2 words)8. Use hydraulics or a line of cocaine10. Chicago (holla!)12. Hip hop music14. Armed15. Some of them spin17. Money20. Back away (2 words)21. Crazy drunk23. Craving24. Leave quickly26. Group27. “Don’t leave me ____”29. Vehicle30. Look at something32. Purchase more of something (hyphenated)34. Continuous rhyme36. Farewell37. Talk or act irrationally39. Butt41. You, your, or “hey you”42. where you grew up43. Highroller44. What you should hate45. Friend, sweetheart, or kid46. Steal


1. Covert, secret (2 words)2. Female version of pimp juice3. Atlanta5. Dignity and pride6. Put down7. Down wit (2 words)8. Argument or discrepancy9. Chill pad11. South Central rap13. Dance provocatively15. Great record (2 words)16. Shoes17. Show off one’s car18. Place19. Style or mood or feel22. Diamonds25. Trouble27. Close friend28. Gun31. Someone who is “true to the game”33. Like butter35. Helmet36. Respects38. Sick39. “____ monkey”40. Relax 43. Jewelry