Political and Cultural Apathy on Campus

In response to Mr. Woodard’s letter to the editor about the absence of politicians in the wake of the presidential election, I can’t help but wonder what exactly is so surprising. The sad truth is that nobody gives a damn anymore. Standing in the unforgiving sun outside the Administration building last November, I shielded my eyes in order to count the various demographics representing themselves at the John Kerry rally. “Florida Teachers for Kerry”, “Haitians for Kerry”, “Jews for Kerry” were just a few. Yet, other than the very vocal Young Democrats clamoring at the podium, there was an obvious demographic missing: the college student. This was particularly unnerving considering the rally was held on campus. I’m sure that if Mr. Woodard attended the rally, he would already be aware of the outbreak of indifference among his classmates. Over the years, each generation has grown more and more complacent with the ways things are, in the country, the government and the world. I don’t know if it’s due to our minds being numbed by the years of watching MTV and playing video games, but this generation is an insult to the ones before it. Just look at the writing in the cement beneath your feet as you walk to class. Maybe you don’t agree with the statements our predecessors made, but at least they made them. Years ago, college students were known for their involvement in civil rights movements. Yet, right now, at a time our country is at war, a time when our goverment has a shady and self-serving foreign policy, a time when we should give a damn, not one fist is raised. We seem to be in a retrograde evolution, headed towards the ignorance and affluence of times past. So many things should be plaguing our minds, and our school newspaper seems more interested in the quality of burgers at the campus eatery. I find it hard to believe that Mr. Woodard has missed these signs. Maybe this is the first time he and other students realize the apathy of this campus and this generation. Maybe they will be inspired to go out and write a petition to send to Washington instead of badgering people in the Breezeway to join their sorority/fraternity. Or maybe they’ll read this letter, turn on their iPods and go back to their Playstations.