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Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Florida Atlantic University's first student-run news source.


Police Blotter

Never thought I’d see the day when there was an illegal dumping charge at FAU2/7/2005-8:21 a.m.-Environmental Health Support Bldg Illegal Dumping Environmental Health & Safety reported that some unknown person(s) have been illegally dumping tires in a trash receptacle.

Ok…why?!2/7/2005-12:55 p.m.-Fort Lauderdale Higher Education Complex Criminal Mischief Video cameras observed a subject damaging the entrance gate to the FAU Parking Lot.

I was told a lot of people saw this, so here is what happened!2/8/2005-7:53 a.m.-Parking Garage 2 Vehicle Fire Boca Fire/Rescue extinguished a fire in the engine compartment of a parked and unattended vehicle. The State Fire Marshal determined that the fire was caused by a mechanical failure.

Make-up…get it?2/8/2005-2:00 p.m.-MacArthur Campus Honors College Suspicious Occurrences The husband of a student confronted a faculty member regarding her make up test policy.

Car meet Tree. Tree, hurt car.2/8/2005-6:19 p.m.-Lee StreetTraffic Crash Police investigated the report of a vehicle striking a tree.

Alright answer me this: Who has $1,000 in movie posters lying around their office and then waits almost a month before reporting it?!2/9/2005-2:16 p.m.-Davie Liberal Arts Breezeway Theft A student reported that 25 to 30 movie posters were stolen from his office on 01/10/2005. The value of the loss was estimated at $1,000.00.

This is the scene out of a bad heist movie2/9/2005-7:07 p.m.-Lot 16 Theft Some unknown person(s) stole the license plate from a student’s vehicle. The plate was entered into FCIC/NCIC as stolen.

Did the bills have Kermit the Frog’s face on them?2/9/2005-11:25 a.m.-Bank AtlanticAssist Other Department Three counterfeit $20 bills were received by Bank Atlantic. The bank will forward the bills to the U.S. Secret Service.

Boy, I hope it wasn’t Publisher’s Clearing House2/10/2005-12:52 p.m.-IRT EastSuspicious Occurrences A student reported a suspicious incident involving an unknown subject who attempted to make contact with her by phone and at the door to her room.

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