Did you know SGA brings you:

NightOwls! Never walk alone. This SGA Agency works late into the night, driving students all over campus to ensure their safety. Dial 7-3782 if you need a ride.

The Cardio Room! SGA gets you your weekly aerobic workout for FREE at the Boca Raton Campus gymnasium. Contact Campus Recreation at 7-3795 for exact hours.

Free Scantrons! Don’t pay for scantrons when you can get them free! Visit the SGA offices at Suite 215 in the University Center and pick up your two free scantrons a day.

Laptop Computers! SGA provides 10 wireless laptops for check out in the S.E. Wimberly Library. Research and complete assignments with ease for up to three hours.

Pick-a-Prof.com! Make an educated choice with SGA. Before you register for classes, look up your professor’s grade histories and read the student-submitted reviews.

SGA ONLINE! Visit www.sga.fau.edu to stay current on the four campus governments and their activities. Important dates, forms, and phone numbers can all be found online.