Curious Ralph Wants to Know…

… If you could, what would you change about FAU?

Dana PeggsSociologyJunior“Have the student body be more liberal and open minded.”

Sarah OrrCivil Engeneering Senior“The fan loyalty and student support for the owls.”

Kevin CooneyHead Coach FAU Baseball “Pay the baseball coach more.”

Marlon CloverArts and MusicSenior“Less dudes, more women, although I’m not complaining.”

Madison McShane BusinessFreshman“Better quality cafeteria food, I guess.”

Preston Kendrick BusinessFreshman“The parking lot. Ya’ll gotta get your shit together.”

Glenn BautistaAlumnus“A graduate studies program for Philosophy.”

Shenika Brown Criminal Justice Freshman“A lot more freedom in the dorms, not as many cops.”

Ivan Berliant EngineeringFreshman “Cops around here have to let us party. Weí_re trying to have a good time.”

Jennifer SchwanBroadcasting Freshman“A new track.”