DVD Review: Friday Night Lights:

In the book and the movie, Boobie, a black football tailback, is the star of the Mojo’s at Permian, Texas, an ‘all white school’. The book is all about the inequalities of blacks in society, as well as education. It even says that Texas schools were segregated until 1984. This is crazy!

Boobie is the main character in the book, which centers on how a black athlete can be disabled by sports-fanatic communities that empower schools.

The main character was disenfranchised when he got hurt. In a series of interviews between Boobie and the Author H.G. Bissinger, he says something like, “If I get hurt, I become a nobody.”

Basically, the book is about inequalities in education and ‘the struggles of the black athlete’. However, the movie casts coach Gary Gains and Quarterback Mike Winchell (two white actors) as leading roles.

Boobie is showcased in the film as an important character, but nowhere does the film attempt to capture the economic struggles in his life.

Peter Berg, the director, and his production team did a great job communicating a great football story. Unfortunately, they sold out the true spirit of the story, which was definitely not about losing a playoff game.