X Marks The Spot

The new game X-Men: Legends (multi-platform) translates the joys of our four-colored mutant heroes into the digital realm in their best video game adventure yet. Gamers start out with only Wolverine (well he is the most popular and lucrative character) but slowly unlock more and more members for their team, each with different powers and abilities. Some of the characters are better than others but all can be boosted in different areas. Players pick a band of four characters to travel around with through each mission and can switch between any of the four characters selected while the computer controls the other three. The AI is exceptional as the computer-controlled characters do a lot more than just stand around and look pretty. Well, except for Jubilee but she was always useless to begin with.

I won’t give the plot away but suffice to say it’s damn good and features a lot of surprise cameos that I was delighted to see. The voice acting is solid with the god-like Patrick Stewart reprising the role he was meant for all along, Professor X. The controls are easy to master though I wish that using the more traditional D-pad to move your characters were an option instead of making the analog pad mandatory. Much of the game play does consist of walking around and thrashing enemies but there’s enough balance to beat the game more than once, and luckily there are different battle modes that can be played with up to four gamers.

X-Men: Legends is the comic game fans have been waiting for and it definitely delivers. Some improvements can be made, and hopefully they will be addressed when the inevitable sequel comes out. I already can’t wait to get my adamantium claws on it.