Spirits Kindred at Ritter Gallery

Live jazz music and a crowd of art enthusiasts filled the Ritter Art Gallery Thursday, Oct. 21 for the opening of “Spirits Kindred, Adventures in Academia” by Walter Hnatysh and John McCoy. Both artists are FAU professors who have taught for over 50 years combined.

John McCoy is a potter who displayed six years worth of work with sets of utilitarian ceramic pottery. The pottery is made in an Anagama kiln, which is one of the oldest styles of kiln and produces unique works of pottery. McCoy said he strives for simplicity, honesty, and fluidity in his work.

John Hnatysh’s work is completely different than McCoy’s pottery since Hnatysh is a painter using images that he said come from observation of landscapes, activity, memory, and his subconscious. His drawings are detailed and mostly include creatures that may be part human and part animal.

The exhibition continues from Oct. 22 to Nov. 20. For more information about the exhibition or gallery hours, call 561-297-2966.