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Homecoming activities are successful at MacArthur

The MacArthur Program Board launched a successful Homecoming Week for the Jupiter campus, with two days of events to get students excited for the Owls’ game against New Mexico State.

Held Nov. 8 and 9, Homecoming Week ensured MacArthur students were not left out of the loop, despite the distance from the Boca Campus. MacArthur students were able to join in on the FAU festivities of food, music, and games.

Monday, Nov. 8 was the Kick Off Event at the Residence Hall courtyard. The event was largely a sounding board for the Program Board to announce the Homecoming activities for the week, as well as introduce MacArthur Homecoming Court nominees Rigs Gjyshi and Jenny Wagner.

The entertainment for the evening was a food eating contest of lemons and marshmallows, and surprisingly the look of disgust on the participants’ faces didn’t deter onlookers from munching on the free snacks offered.

Accompanying the festivities was music DJ’d by assistant director of Student Life and Recreation, Seth Fishman.

“I think I’ll put that on my job description as other skills,” said Fishman, “but I’ll keep my day job.”

The main event, the MacArthur Carnival, took place on the Recreation Field on Tuesday at 4 to 8 p.m., Nov. 9. The turnout was diverse, including on campus and off campus students as well as faculty, staff, and their families.

The environment was invigorating; music from Gainesville band Agent 99 blared across the Recreation Field and students shouted over the music, lights bounced off of the midway games, and the smells of hamburgers, hot dogs, popcorn, and cotton candy permeated the field.

Junior Matt Snyder exclaimed, “I’ve experienced the unique sensory overload that is the FAU Homecoming. Go Owls!”

The energy of the students sought outlets in the competitive games taking place. There was a giant slide, a swing ride, a water gun midway game, a muscle man mallet throw, laser tag, and a rock climbing wall.

Freshman David Martin was hoping to best Ben Ross at the rock climbing wall, but both were disappointed to find there was no trigger at the top of the wall to indicate a winner.

“There was no bell or anything!” exclaimed Martin.

Ross still felt energized by the game. “It just proves I’m more of a man than Cliff. You hear that, Cliff?”

Cliff Barefoot simply replied, “What? Yeah, I’m terrified of heights.”

MacArthur clubs also put on their own games. Black Student Union held a balloon dart throw, while next door Amnesty International had a ping pong ball toss with goldfish as prizes.

Students could have also received goldfish in exchange for signing letters for Amnesty International concerning human rights violations.

Unfortunately, a rain spell scattered some students, except for those who were stuck on the swing ride, left high and not so dry.

The rain was short, however, and Program Board continued its activities, ending the night with a raffle of both conventional and strange prizes. Students won gift certificates to JJ Muggs Stadium Grill, across the street from the campus, and door prizes of Mac & Cheese.

As the night was wrapping up, students were trying to finish as many carnival games as they could to win the last prizes available. Sophomore Charlie Zito prided himself at his win on the Muscle Man mallet throw.

“Felt good,” said Zito. “Felt like a man, beating the heck out of that little bell.”

Sophomore Alex Chery finished the night with his own win at Muscle Man, handing his prize off to Morgan Cable. “This is for you, Morgan! I knew I would get it!” he exclaimed as he high fived her.

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