Breezway of mortality

Walking down the Breezeway, we are bombarded by the healthy choice; the correct way to live, the perfect direction to take in order to survive.

We stroll down it with cigarettes in one pocket and money for liquor in the other. We smile at the helpful women, take their fliers, quickly throw them away, and pretend to care that we are moving closer to death with each corrupt action.

As college students, do we even realize that we are only mortal? Each drink and drug that we allow into our system brings us to death’s door a little quicker. But that doesn’t affect us, right? In the end, life is fragile, but rarely does the youth care. Rarely are we struck by the idea that at any moment our existence could cease to exist. At any moment those little petty obsessions may vanish. At any moment the one’s we love may just become memories.

After the fact we are filled with appreciation, an appreciation that lasts but seconds for the next weekend we sit downing shots, snorting our lines and puffing our cigarettes, for we are entirely to secure in our own immortality. It doesn’t exist. This idea of life doesn’t exist. This idea that we live as an untouchable entity that will never fall, that idea is false.

We are gods. We are invincible. As the ambulance passes, we don’t relate, we don’t feel appreciation, we just feel distanced sympathy. A sympathy that passes without conscious awareness. When did the ability to care disappear? When did we all adopt the role of stereotypical ‘don’t give a damn’ teenagers? With our tendency to ignore consequences, to become so focused on the superficial, we officially transcend into the realm of depravity.

I do not wish to preach. I wish to remind. A simple reminder to cherish each moment of happiness. Please remember the beauty of the day, the smiles that pour into our hearts, the utter uniqueness of reality. It isn’t difficult; it just requires time. A little time to stop, observe and acknowledge.