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The flip-flopping has been flip-flopped

It pains me to watch this election unfold. Forget the polls for one second; yes, the polls that show Bush in the lead.

After deserting Afghanistan, leaving Bin Laden at-large, picking a war with Iraq, failing miserably in the aftermath of the war, refusing to admit that the situation on the ground in Iraq is a problem, losing over one million jobs since taking office, running record deficits and engaging in the worst deficit spending in recent history.

I will never understand how anyone polled can truly say we are better off today than four years ago. So, push the polls aside for a second and forget who is in “the lead” today (of course, that is in the hands of the media).

Think strictly with your brain, not emotions, while reading this. President Bush has had one consistent theme since March 9, when John Kerry became the last Democrat standing from the primaries.

The day after John Kerry became the presumptive Democratic nominee, President Bush immediately went on the offensive and called Senator Kerry a “Massachusetts flip-flopper.”

That stuck with the Bush-Cheney ’04 team and at every campaign stop one can always hear the well-versed, highly intelligent argument that John Kerry is a “flip-flopper.” Recently, President Bush joked that it has been “hard to prepare for the debates because John Kerry has so many positions on the issues.” So is John Kerry truly a “flip-flopper?”

First let me explain that I am not going to mention the infinite number of positions President Bush has had since 2001.

I won’t mention how he told ABC News, “I don’t think you can win it,” “it” referring to the War on Terror. Two days later he turned around and told a campaign audience, “We are winning the War on Terror and will win it.”

Finally, I will not even touch on the dozens of reasons for going to war in Iraq. They had stockpiles of weapons, yet they were relentless in pursuing weapons.

They also had the capability to produce weapons.

Forget all that, he now says, Saddam was just a bad guy. This coming from the man who calls himself a “steady leader in times of peril.”

You have got to be kidding me! This is an absolute joke. How can anyone truly believe John Kerry is the “flip-flopper” of the two?

John Kerry has had one consistent, unaltered position on Iraq. He voted for the authority for President Bush to use forces in Iraq after the President promised he would exhaust the diplomatic process.

Senator Kerry never envisioned President Bush “flip-flopping” on that and deciding to forget diplomacy and simply rush to war with skewed intelligence. He stands by his vote and said he does not regret it, rightfully so.

What he regrets is believing President Bush when he said he would hold up his end of the bargain. John Kerry is the right man, at the right time for this country.

Let’s call a “flip-flopper” a “flip-flopper” and recognize President Bush’s infinite stances on the important issues. How can anyone trust this man for four more years?

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