Just do it!

If there’s one question that stands out for me, it is, “Are you registered to vote?” If you’ve spent time at FAU during the early afternoon, chances are you’ve been bombarded with that question constantly.

With the presidential election coming, political organizations are trying to get everyone to register.and then to actually vote.

Maybe you are registered to vote, and you want to vote, but you don’t know who to vote for. I can remedy that situation for you right now.

If you’re willing to take a few seconds out of your time, get to a computer type in: “Candidate 2004 Election Guide” or something similar on Google.com and quite a few links should pop up to educate you. I actually believe presidentmatch.com has a quiz that can help you, too.

Voting is really important. People say “My vote won’t matter” or “I don’t care”. If you don’t care, or it doesn’t matter if you vote, then don’t complain. It’s one day out of your life every four years to decide the our county’s future. This country was founded upon the ideas of freedom and liberty. Every day the world gets more expensive, and more competitive. What are freedom and liberty worth if you don’t take advantage of them?

A couple hundred years ago, people came to America for the opportunity to own a large house, and lots of land. In today’s world, our opportunity comes from school and our education. All you’re doing by voting is helping yourself.

Of course, not everyone is going to be happy with the outcome of the election. That’s why United States presidents only stay in office for four years. This is a country that is constantly changing and expanding. Become a part of that change, get involved. If you don’t like something, rally to change it. I know it’s easier not to care, but it’s more difficult to live your life in fear or regret.

If there’s only one thing you do in November, besides enjoy Thanksgiving dinner on the 25th, it should be to vote on November 2.