Celebrating fourty years of FAU at the Baldwin House

Students and faculty celebrated the university’s 40th Anniversary Tuesday, Sept. 21, with a jazz festival at the Eleanor R. Baldwin House, home to university President Frank T. Brogan and his wife. For many, this was an opportunity to meet President Brogan in a casual environment and also see the Baldwin House.

Guests were entertained with live jazz music while eating, drinking and socializing. The business/formal dress attire gave the event an elegant atmosphere. Guests also had the opportunity to see displayed pictures of FAU’s past and present events, mascots and students.

President Brogan first presented a warm speech introducing the First Lady of the university, Courtney Brogan, and continuing to speak about the university, comparing the past to the present and how FAU has developed. “When someone recognizes me as the President of FAU, that says a lot about how our school has grown,” Brogan says.

Student Government President Alvira Khan also spoke about the university’s 40th Anniversary and the university’s diversity. She complimented the Program Board for putting together a successful night.

History major Lucy Dorlus attended the event. “This is a very elegant occasion, and it’s great that the President is here as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary,” Dorlus says.

The evening ended with President Brogan speaking to students personally as the jazz band played on. There will be more events celebrating FAU’s 40th Anniversary later this month. For more information, contact the Student Activities Center at 561-297-3735.