What is happening to Liberty at FAU?


I would like to comment on the recent activities which have come to my attention. Today 09/13/2004 ACT (America Coming Together) – working on an internship basis through the Political Science Department – was notified by the College Republicans that they were not allowed to register voters in the Breezeway of the Boca Campus.

It is my understanding that as a Student Club, we (as college democrats) do not have the authority to declare Administrative policies to the students at FAU and I trust that no member of the College Democrats will take it upon themselves to limit the political expression of ANY group authorized by the FAU community to conduct political activity on ANY FAU campus.

In the interest of upholding the ideals of a FREE society I find it extremely distasteful that our colleagues in the Republican party would resort to such a practice.

Best Regards,

Alfred RiegerPresidentFAU College Democrats