Garden State’s music soothes

What first hooked me into the movie Garden State was its music during the commercial and, of course, Natalie Portman. After watching how beautifully the music complemented the movie I came to the conclusion that this heartfelt film would not be as great without its soundtrack. The music itself acts as a narrator through each scene.

Diverse ranges of musical styles collaborate to assist in telling this coming-of-age tale from first time writer/director Zach Braff. Much like The Graduate’s Simon & Garfunkel-written music, this soundtrack plays a major role in the telling of the story, which also contains a song by Simon & Garfunkel. Braff did an excellent job of blending melody and emotion to enhance the movie-going experience. As the plot enfolds, a variety of talented artists such as The Shins, Coldplay and Zero 7 complement the characters as they drift from comedy to drama.

The soundtrack is very laid back with a lot of mellow folk artists such as former front man of Men At Work, Colin Hay, and the vintage singer/songwriter Nick Drake. Sub Pop Recording artists are heard throughout the album with Iron and Wine doing a dreamy rendition of the Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” and The Shins adding two magnificent, yet totally different sounding tracks. The Cary Brothers’ “Blue Eyes” seems to soothe the atmosphere as each note slow dances in harmony. More poplar acts Remy Zero and singer/actress Bonnie Somerville provide a generic sound, but still flow with the overall tone of the album.

Thievery Corporation’s smooth collaboration of instrumental ecstasy will weave a variety of styles in your ear while Zero 7’s electronic ambience will put you into a sexy groove. The most amazing song on the album is “Let Go” by Frou Frou. A female voice set afloat over an aural bliss of drums, bass, piano, and synths, exploding with sound and imagination. This is an excellent album to listen to, whether you are relaxing at home or wearing a garbage bag in the pouring rain …yelling into the great abyss.