FAU daycare is cheaper but less educational

To the Editors,

While I realize you are a PR machine for the University, I felt I must respond on behalf of a group of parents to “Daycare 101” (UP 31, May 20). We have watched with great despair as the quality of Slattery has declined. I watch with great sadness the change from my older son’s experience to that of his younger sibling.

The atmosphere is very negative with administration declining to address parent concerns. For a University program it is shocking that there is NO formal art, music, or PE program and they are discontinuing the use of a librarian in June.

Isn’t literacy the new early childhood buzzword?

It is true that rates are lower for students than area daycare, but that is due to university subsidies, in part paid for by higher than area faculty tuition.

A university program should serve as the example for the area. With the creation of a new Early Childhood Center on campus, we hope that these concerns are addressed.

The Concerned Parents of Slattery