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FAU faculty receive patents in science

The US Patent and Trademark Office issued three patents to FAU professors.

Dr. Russell Kerr, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, received his patent for an invention that he hopes will lead to anti-inflammatory agents. These agents will be useful in fighting inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, rheumatism and asthma.

Dr. Bill Glenn, director of FAU’s imaging technology center, received his patent for an invention that will make possible inexpensive ultra-sound scanners. The scanner can pick up high resolution images at any range and depth in a patient. Dr. Glenn has already built one of these scanners in his laboratory.

Dr. Ramaswamy Narayanan, professor of biological science, received his patent for a new method in detecting colon cancer. Dr. Narayanan maps out the human genome to isolate the colon cancer-specific secreted gene. This technique is far easier and affordable than the present invasive procedures used for treated colon cancer.

For information on the FAU Office of Technology Transfer (OTT), part of FAU’s Division of Research and Graduate Studies, or patents issued to FAU faculty, contact Jeanie McGuire, OTT director, at 561-297-0202 or Steve Nappi, OTT coordinator, at 561-297-1165.

FAU ranked best in state

FAU has the best entrepreneurship program in the state. This is according to Entrepreneur magazine’s ranking of the top 100 entrepreneurial colleges. Entrepreneur ranked FAU as a 2nd tier college, ranking it one of the top 50 colleges regionally but not nationally. The national ranking is for schools that “feature comprehensive programs at nationally prominent colleges and universities” as opposed to “colleges and universities recognized in their regions,” according to the magazine.

Other 2nd tier entrepreneurship programs in Florida include Bethune-Cookman College, Rollins College, and The University of Florida. FAU also has one of the oldest entrepreneurship programs in the rankings with its establishment in 1974. Nationally ranked 1st tier universities such as The University of Arizona (1984), Columbia University (1977) and DePaul University (1982) have considerably younger programs.

For more information on FAU’s entrepreneurship program, contact Dr. Larry Klatt, director of the Adams Center or Professor Bob Keltie, assistant director, at 561/297-3177.

For more information on Entrepreneur’s top 100 ranking, visit the magazine at colleges.

FAU SPICEs it up with music from India

On Saturday, May 29 at 6:30 p.m., FAU students will receive a taste of the east. SPICE, a student club at FAU will present Nandkishor Muley on Santoor and Aditya Kalyanpur on Tabla. They’re musicians who specialize in Indian music.

Muley, who lives in Germany, plays the Santoor in concerts and festivals all over the world. In 2001, the United Arts of Florida presented him with the Excellent Art and Cultural Educator award. Also, in 1994, he won the German Grammy Award.

Kalyanpur has performed solos for the Rolling Stones during their last tour in India. He also recorded for their saxophonist, Tim Ries.

The event will be at the Social Science building, room 250 on the Boca campus.

For RSVP or more information, contact Ajit Damle at 561/706-9632 or Sanjiv Anand at 561/498-4854 or email at [email protected].

FAU police officer breaks the glass

Dolores “Dee” Danser, FAU’s Acting Police Chief, received the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling Award” on Wednesday, April 28. The award was given out at the National Center for Women and Policing 9th Annual Leadership Conference, held in Boca this year. The award is for female police officers “who have achieved the rank of Major, Commander or above … as well as the equivalent ranks for civilian positions,” according to the Center’s website. Danser has reached the rank of Major.

For more information on the National Center for Women and Policing, visit their website at