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Lost in the ho-hum

For two semesters I have been trying to figure out why FAU students do not go to sporting events. I just do not think I will ever find the answer.

Ironically enough, I almost see the point. The semester is half over and there are seven sports teams still competing for a title and I have no desire to follow any of them on a weekly basis.

You’re right, I am the sports reporter so I am obligated, but the excitement is just not there. Let me explain.

After the fall semester ended I was so revved up by the conclusion to the FAU football season that I could not wait for another team to take me on the same roller coaster ride.

First I thought that the Blue Wave baseball team was my answer. It posted a great non-conference record, but since conference play began, it has looked average. The team is 26-7 but only 6-6 in conference play. That includes losses to in-state rivals Jacksonville and Stetson.

Next, the Lady Owls softball team seemed to be the way to go. The team is 38-13 with a 5-1 conference record, which is good enough for second place. The only problem is that it is softball. Not exactly the most prolific sport around. Most games are 1-0 or 2-1, and lack the excitement to hold the crowd on the edge of its seat.

Sure, there was always the end of the basketball season. Both the men’s and women’s teams made it to the conference tournament this semester. Unfortunately if either team won the tournament it would have been a bigger story than Nevada advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.

However, the golf teams are putting on a good show. They are both heading into the conference tournament with a chance to advance their highest seeds. Natalia Navarro and Torstein Nevestad have both had good seasons. The problem here is that these teams do not play anywhere near campus.

The women’s tennis team is primed to win its second consecutive A-Sun title but I am still not impressed. With names that are tougher to pronounce than some hockey players,’ I just am not interested.

So what is the real problem?

The real problem is the lack of excitement. I know that most of you would go to a game if there was going to be free food, but how about if there were guaranteed thrills?

When high profile teams lose games they should win, fans lose interest as well. Just look at other South Florida sports teams. If the Hurricanes lose two games the stands are empty. When the Dolphins lost to the Texans on opening day everyone threw in the towel.

This town loves a story. The Marlins winning the World Series stunned the South Florida sports fans. More importantly, it made them pay attention. The same thing happened a few years ago when the Panthers went to the Stanley Cup Finals. It even happened here when the Fighting Owl football team was one game away from the Division I-AA National Championship game.

How can these other teams spark that kind of interest? I do not know. Maybe I am just missing football too much to care about the other teams. Spring practice has started and the idea of moving up to Division I-A with the big boys has stolen my appreciation for other sports.

It is like taking a final exam. You have to focus on the now to get motivated. Right now the baseball and softball teams are in midseason. Right now the tennis and golf teams are in search of a conference title. If you try hard, you can find the excitement in the sports teams still playing. But you have to focus.

It wouldn’t hurt for some free food and a big win against a rival, say UCF.

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