Lecturer Jay Friedman talks sex at FAU

How much do Americans really know about sex education? Jay Friedman, a three-time nominee for National Association of Campus Activities Lecturer of the Year, discussed this important issue when he spoke to FAU students on the Davie campus on Feb. 18.

Friedman spent 20 years teaching sex education with 12 years on the college circuit. He says he was inspired to teach students about sexual awareness after his girlfriend became pregnant in college. He hopes to pass on important tips on condom use and relationship advice to ensure that the same situation won’t occur among today’s generation of college students.

One of Jay’s biggest issues is the way America teaches sex to its children. He finds the American approach too conservative and lacking the information needed to better inform society, especially through literature and television.

He compares this to Europe’s more open-minded approaches to sex education, citing examples such as sex guides distributed on AMTRAK.

Another example he uses to illustrate this point is the mandating of erotic films in Swedish classrooms. He observed the Swedes in a previous visit to Europe while on his lecture circuit.

Friedman calls America a “sex-negative, sex-repressed society” and feels pornography is a big part of the American market because the public remains uninformed. To Friedman, Janet Jackson’s breast-baring incident was yet another missed opportunity by America to educate and inform its citizens.

Never one to play favorites in politics, Friedman is an equal opportunist when criticizing the American methods to sex education in both the Clinton and Bush administration. He simply points out that Americans have become more ignorant under the current regime.

“We have a country of moderators run by extremists,” says Davie campus Governor Nick Wight. “We’ll never be properly represented in that facility.”

While Friedman’s lecture gave a great summary of methods for men to understand and arouse their sexual counterparts, one woman says he could have focused on ways for females to become more sexually stimulated.

Overall, the lecture was a positive for all those who attended and it opened the minds of the so-called “sexperts” in attendance, as Friedman refers to his audience members.

To become more sexually educated and to learn more about Friedman’s goals and purpose, be sure to view his sight at www.thej-spot.com.