Making the world a better place!

Vanessa: Hope you like this!Eli Goldsmith – Communications [email protected]

Fellow Students-

Lend me your thoughts for a moment! I would like to encourage each of you to briefly reflect on the world, and your place in it. The age in which we are currently living is by no doubt one of the most tumultuous in human history. It is a time so troubled that many people think humanity is close to extinction. People today live in fear or despair because they don’t have faith that it can ever be fixed. Everything seems corrupted. But I’m not ready to give up.Are you content with the state of the world around you? Have we the people really become so desensitized to seeing and hearing about violence, poverty, and disease that it is no longer a concern? The student body once played a powerful role in political activism and social reform, yet now we stand silent. We are the ones who should be making a difference. With so many injustices in the world, now is the time to take action!I turn on the TV and all I see is evil around the world. We are all humans, and it is all of our concern. As for me, I can’t seem to escape it. I don’t like to watch the news anymore because all I hear about are innocent people being killed daily, in places all around the world, many of them younger than me. So I change the channel, only to find the worst of humanity on Jerry Springer, mind-numbing sitcoms and “reality” TV. Am I the only one depressed by this? Are you satisfied about the conditions of the homeless and poor in our country (by far the wealthiest in the world), war and terror remaining a constant threat, and millions dying each year of AIDS? Does the thought of wide-spread starvation bother you as you throw away your super-sized fries? How about the drug war, nuclear bombs, or random acts of violence? Oh my God, what if you lose your cell phone?!? Until we stop being so selfish and start thinking about the environment and people around us, we as people will never be able to improve upon these conditions. Many of you have faith that things will get better. Many more have lost faith completely. I tell you, things will not get better without a conscious effort. Talk to the people around you – I believe that most would agree that our country and world could be drastically improved. Vote, volunteer, extend a helping hand, give a dollar to a homeless person, donate blood. Write a letter to the student newspaper. Talk to people of a different race, sex, socio-economic class, or cultural background. We aren’t really that different, and most people have good intentions. What kind of world awaits us after graduation? Will we be content just passing our problems onto our children? Will our children even get a chance? The world is watching us, trust me on that. What kind of example are we setting for students around the world? What happened to student activism?My point is this: we all have the power to make the world a better place. Starting with faith, which leads to positive attitudes and actions, we must reach out towards others and realize that we are all in this together. With a collective consciousness, improvements can be made to right the wrongs of our society. I believe that most people still care, and that we are smart enough to figure out ways of making positive change. Live out of love, not fear. Love the fact that you are alive and have the luxuries that others would die for. You have this at your disposal, and so many issues to take a stand on. You could be a leader… its time to step up!