Lack of Culture at FAU

I have to agree with Hans Ruhr article about the lack of cultural events at FAU. I’ve been attending the Davie Campus for the past four years, and I have never seen anything like literary magazines, poetry readings, and the like here. People have asked why I don’t attend any university events and it is EXACTLY because of this reason. We foster outside business, but we never foster student creativity.

Even BCC, a community college offers more interesting social events. They have an award winning literary magazine featuring student art, photography, poetry, stories, and essays, but FAU has nothing. I remember attending an outstanding poetry reading at Bailey Hall when I attended classes there years ago. Famous actors read poetry on stage for three hours and there was even a behind the scenes event where students could meet the actors in person and talk about poetry. Has FAU ever done something like that? I seriously doubt that.

FAU boasts that we are culturally diverse, that our events are universal–something for everyone. I’ve found that to be just another lie to make us look good. Our pure lack of cultural awareness and lack of creativity screams that FAU is a “one size fits all” college with a disregard for true interests of its diverse population.

Sincerely,Sharon Rinkiewicz