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Question & answer with Abby Minor

This past Wednesday I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the FAU volleyball team’s left outside hitter, Abby Minor, before the volleyball team began their practice. Minor is majoring in communications and this is her second year at FAU.

Q. You just transferred here last fall, how do you like playing at FAU so far?

A. I like it a lot. It’s a lot of fun. My teammates are awesome. It’s just a really talented team and great to be a part of.

Q. When did you start playing volleyball and was there a reason you started playing?

A. When I was 12. I just liked it and I ended up being alright at it.

Q. What other sports do you enjoy playing besides volleyball?

A. I used to really enjoy softball. I played softball for a while but volleyball became my main sport.

Q. Was it because you liked it better?

A. I was better at it. I could do pretty well at softball, I played first base, but I was just an average hitter.

Q. How do you prep yourself before a game?

A. I do some weird things. I have to put my shoes on the exact same way every time. It’s really weird. Everything on my left side has to be put on before my right side. I do an hour treatment in the training room, shoulder work and neck stretches. And I sit by myself for a little bit and I think about the match that’s coming up.

Q. How do you describe success?

A. Success for us as a team is when everyone is doing their job and maximizing our potential. Whether we win or lose it’s how we play the game and I think that winning comes from everyone just doing what they are supposed to.

Q. Who would you call your idol and how has this person influenced you?

A. I’m going to be corny and say Michael Jordan just like every other athlete ever! I grew up in the Chicago area until high school and just being in that area during his time, he’s such hard worker. He’s such a good athlete that anyone can look up to as far as training goes.

Q. What would you say to someone who looks up to you?

A. I would tell them to work hard and when things get rough it just makes you a better person and a better athlete.

Q. Do you have any memorable moments playing volleyball?

A. I think the thing that sticks out most in my head is the Atlantic Sun Conference tournament last year. It was in Orlando and people were sick, people were tired, but we played a really tough five-game match against Troy and won. And everyone was just pushing and working their hardest. And then we had comebacks that same day with Georgia State. We played them so tough. One of the games went 40-38. I think that set an A-Sun record for scoring. But we lost in the fifth game 17-15 with extra scoring and it was just a heartbreaker. I think this year that’s going to stick in all the returnees heads when we play Georgia State again.

Q. Have you had any injuries while playing?

A. Yeah. I’ve had an elbow surgery, my shoulder’s been repaired and I’ve had neck surgery.

Q. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

A. I love hanging out with my friends. I have to admit I’m addicted to a soap opera, General Hospital — I like watching that. I enjoy hanging out with my teammates. Some of my teammates are some of my best friends.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

A. Well, I should be graduating this May. I don’t know where I see myself but I hope to see myself with a decent job and just a happy life.

Q. Do you see volleyball anywhere in your future?

A. No. Maybe as a spectator.

Q. Do you have a favorite professional volleyball player?

A. Last year the men’s national team came and I really liked the outside hitter, Jim Polster. He was fun to watch.

Q. What do you predict for your team in the remainder of the season?

A. I predict that we’re going to finish really strong. We’re starting conference this weekend, we’ve been playing such tough competition along the way that our record really doesn’t reflect on how good we are and I think that when we get to conference we’ll stay strong to all the teams up until Conference tournament.

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