“Welcome Freshmen”

The MacArthur Campus welcomed 154 new Honors College freshmen on Wednesday, August 20, bringing the population of the small school to about 340 students. In addition to the influx of new Honors College students, the campus welcomed new commuter students to some of its graduate and undergraduate programs. A variety of events welcomed new students to the MacArthur Campus, including beach and pool parties, a concert, kayaking, a pep rally and more.

On Wednesday, move-in began at 8:00AM, with plenty of volunteers to help the freshmen move into the first residence hall. Representatives from the MacArthur Student Government, including the entire Senate and Senate Speaker Mindy McLester, and representatives from the University Wide Student Government including Vice President Brent Dell and Chief-of-Staff Jon Burford lugged TV’s, boxes, computers, lamps and more in the pouring rain.

Students had the opportunity from 8:00 until 10:00 am to eat breakfast and check out a variety of services and opportunities in the MHC atrium including Student Health Services and Student Government. They also picked up their welcome packet from the Admissions Representatives.

Throughout the morning, students received a true taste of what Florida Atlantic University has to offer: a pep rally with Rick “$mitty” Smith, the Owl, the dance team and the cheerleaders, a visit from President and Mrs. Frank Brogan, and Student Orientation Leaders leading groups of freshmen in getting-to-know-you type activities.

Throughout the afternoon, students were required to attend seminars in the MAC Auditorium that included presentations from Vice President Kristen Murtaugh and Dean William Mech, Health Matters, Counseling Services, Residence Hall Information, Student Activities and Development, Campus Police, Money Matters, and Financial Service. By early evening, all the soggy boxes and such were in, and rooms were starting to look put-together. The evening began with the freshmen saying goodbye to their families and ended with a night at the beach.

Thursday was full of placement testing, a mandatory AIDS workshop, where freshmen were bombarded with valuable information and free condoms, and dinner with the advisers. A concert by the punk band “All That’s Left” on Thursday night drew a crowd to the Breezeway in front of the MLC building to listen to songs like “Soundtrack to my Stupidity,” “Please Don’t,” Ace of Base’s “The Sign,” and “Cameltoe.” The band played a 50-minute set and sold T-shirts and CDs. Though the bass blew and the music drowned out the musicians’ voices, students still enjoyed the show.

On Friday, freshmen met with their advisors, registered for classes, did a scavenger hunt in Abacoa, and were treated to a “Make Your Own Sundae” party in the dining hall. On Saturday the returning students moved in as the freshmen went on a kayaking trip. The Dive-In Movie, sponsored by Program Board, took place at the pool. Students watched the film “Old School” poolside and enjoyed refreshments, swimming, and socializing luau-style.

“My favorite part of orientation was the Make Your Own Sundae Party,” said freshman Kimmy Adler.

The fifth annual “Honors College Convocation” marked the end of Orientation. On Sunday evening, all new Honors College students, faculty, and many returning students enjoyed the ceremony in the MAC Auditorium. According to Dean Mech, Convocation is meant to serve as a transition from orientation to classes. The new students “signed in,” introduced themselves, and said the name of their high school. After the ceremony, students enjoyed cake, drinks, and dancing in the dining hall.

“The scavenger hunt was good,” said freshman Yuliy Fedoryshyn, “but I also enjoyed meeting new people, saying hello, and trying to remember their names.”