Game Day

Valdosta State University Blazers At Florida Atlantic University Owls

FAU Run Offense Vs. VSU Run Defense

The Owls are coming off a tough game against a Division I-A team and will have some confidence going into this game. They saw first hand last week the difference in divisions for linemen. This week the scale will be turned the other way, as Valdosta St is Division II.

Edge: FAU

FAU Pass Offense Vs. VSU Pass Defense

Jared Allen will make sure that FAU does not lose their home opener at Lockhart Stadium, especially if this means throwing for 300 plus yards. Last year the passing game was the team’s best aspect. With the running game coming around this year Allen can only get better.

Edge: FAU

VSU Run Offense Vs. FAU Run Defense

The Blazers return their top runner from a year-ago in Aaron Jenkins. Jenkins ran for 1300 plus yards and 11 touchdowns. The Owls will be looking to make a statement after the Middle Tennessee State game. Since Valdosta St likes to throw the ball FAU needs to be careful not to get caught sleeping.

Edge: VSU

VSU Pass Offense Vs. FAU Pass Defense

Buster Faulkner is coming off an amazing season in which he threw for 3800 yards and 412 touchdowns. The Blazers have four receivers that averaged double digits in yards per catch and show no signs of slowing down. FAU’s secondary should be licking their lips with opportunities for interceptions in this game. Teams picked off VSU 26 times last year.

Edge: VSU

Special Teams

The difference in Division I-AA to Division II should be evident on the special teams. Speed and blocking will give FAU a huge edge in this department With the offenses being able to put points on the board this game could come down to a last minute field goal. Mike Myers can give FAU their first win of the season.

Edge: FAU


FAU will be playing their first-ever game at Lockhart Stadium and the atmosphere will give them extra motivation to win. The Blazers, on the other hand, are a team that lost in the championship game a year-ago and will not feel intimidated by the Owls. The key intangible for this game will be coaching and how could the UP pick against the legendary Schnellenberger?

Edge: FAU

UP Staff Prediction

The Owls will not let this game slip through their fingers. Last year when FAU was supposed to win, they did. This year will be no different. Do not think this game will be a breeze because Valdosta St will again be competing for a national title and FAU has lost to a Division II school before, remember Slippery Rock.

Score: FAU 31 Valdosta St 27

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