$mittys’ Cents

Your money, our services

Every Semester, each student pays $10 in an “athletic fee.” This athletic fee goes to the Athletic Department so that they can provide services to the students. The biggest part of the $10 goes towards free bus rides to and from the football games, and free tickets to every event.

This is a steal if I ever heard of one. Regular football tickets are $6 for a game, and parking is $5. If there were no athletic fee, you would have to pay a total of $11 just to get to the game. Add in the cost of gas, a hot dog and soda, and we’re up to around $20 to go see an FAU football game.

Want to talk about a deal?

This is a great deal, and I hope each student takes advantage of it.

Student Government also collects $10 in fees from every student per credit hour. Which means if you’re taking 12 credit hours, $120 of your fees goes towards Activity and Service Fees.

These fees are used in millions of different ways: free barbeques, free tailgate parties, and the good ol’ clichí©-free food. It all comes out of that money. At each game, Student Government will have a tailgate party with free food, free refreshments, give-a-ways, music, etc.

Once again, I hope every student realizes this, and uses the services Student Government provides.

Football stuff

Our head football coach Howard Schnellenberger is credited with improving the University of Miami Hurricanes football program. When you shake his hand, you realize he has a huge National Championship Ring on his finger of course that being from his 1983 National Championship with the Hurricanes. In addition, he also won national championships at the University of Alabama, when he was offensive coordinator, under Paul “Bear” Bryant in 1961, 1964, and 1965. He also has won two Super Bowls; including being part of the coaching staff on the 1972 undefeated Miami Dolphins team.

To say he has the skills and knowledge to win is an understatement. So people pose this question: Why aren’t we winning. Read the Football insert in the next edition to find out the caliber of the teams we have played, and a preview for the season.

Volleyball, Women’s Soccer

Last year, our volleyball team once again made it to the Conference Championships, and our Women’s Soccer won the Atlantic Sun Conference Title. Student Government hosts barbeques at select games. These game dates will be advertised on Owl Radio, in the University Press, and around campus. If there are any doubts, you can always call the friendly front desk of your Student Government.

Lockhart Stadium

Finally, a stadium that we can feel comfortable in! For those of you who don’t know, we have been playing in Pro Player Stadium for the past two seasons. It’s smaller, more compact, not as intimidating, and easier to drive to. Lockhart stadium is right off of I-95 and Commercial Boulevard.

Another positive about Lockhart is that the students will finally have good seats, and they will also be sitting with the FAU Marching Band. Below is a seating chart of the stadium.

Now if you look closely, we are in the west end zone. What does this mean? Well the sun sets from East to West, and all of our game times are at 4:00pm. Put some sunscreen on the back of your neck. This also means that when there is a strong breeze coming off of the ocean, it will be coming at us and cooling us off.

The prOWLers

The prOWLers is not a club or an agency, it is just an organization that is run through the Director of Athletics and Spirit for the University Wide Student Government. The prOWLers go to all athletic events and actually host the barbeques, give away the free stuff that you already paid for in your A&S Fees, plan the pep rallies, etc. If you would like to become a prOWLer, applications are in Student Government.

That’s all for now. And remember: Although $mitty is spelled with a dollar sign, Student Government using your A&S fees to give you free stuff, MAKES CENTS!

To receive emails updating you on Student Government Athletic events including mascot appearances, dance team and cheer team appearances, barbeques, tailgate parties, and pep rallies, send an email to: [email protected].