Everyone freshmen that walked onto the campus this week know how lucky you are. I started in the fall of 98′ and graduated in summer of 02′ (yes it can be done in four years.) The school has had done a 180, besides the new everything people still bitch. I lived with seven of the gnarliest people ever assembled in a dump called Algonquin (except a loser roommate that would only drink Zima? What the hell were you thinking Adam?) Most of them were my best friends for the next four years, yes “best” as lame as it sounds. The school is giving you the opportunities that we didn’t have; they’ve done their share now its time for the students to step up. Tailgate every football, basketball, baseball, girls soccer and debate club match, play beer pong in IRT, slam beers at wackadoo’s, have promiscuous sex and bring back nickel beers at nippers. The Greek life is the way the university will head, get involved I wish I did. Working in NYC sucks kids; drinking beers, playing volleyball on the beach and its Tuesday morning? In November? I don’t even have dreams that good anymore. Live it up because the more you do, one day, I will be able to watch FAU take out Florida State on my couch. Also…..roadtrips? Fantasy Fest go, its stupid how much fun it is. And do your best not to drink and drive it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Aloha,Justin D.