System of a Down’s new album is worth stealing

System of A Down is known for their wacky yet meaningful songs. In their latest work, Steal This Album, the band progresses with their art of creating spine-tingling sounds as well as getting their message across through their music.

Down’s last album, Toxicity, made a huge impact in the world of rock music by opening the doors to subtypes of rock music such as hardcore punk/metal. Since the release of 2001’s Toxicity, the band had been touring with Ozzfest as well as other tours for several months.

While on the road, they made Steal This Album. Down fans were anticipating this release to see if they had remained true to their eclectic style and still expressed their political views. Well, not much has changed.

The first released single, “Innervision,” sounds like a typical Down song. It has meaning mixed with an intense sound. The album has a variety of their classic styles from serious to sarcastic. The first track of the CD, called “Chic N Stu,” is an ironic piece of music that will leave you craving pizza. Another song that stands out is “Mr. Jack” – its sound is very eerie, yet holds a strong meaning. Other radio friendly songs that are worth a listen are “Pictures” and “Bubbles.”

However, Steal This Album also possesses songs on worldly issues. The fourth track, titled “Boom,” expresses the band’s view on war. System of a Down, in which all the members are of Armenian ancestry, is known for being peaceful and anti-war. There are some people who don’t understand – if they are peaceful why do they create such graphic music?

“Our heritage, our politics, are really important, but musical vibe together is the thing,” claims the band.

As a result, those who are familiar with Down’s music should enjoy this album. And to those who have never been introduced to this band, I believe this album will definitely be worth your time. Even if you are not a fan of rock music, these lyrics are certainly something you don’t hear in music everyday.