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Women’s BasketballFeb. 8 – FAU vs. Georgia State

Clark’s pick: FAU 73-70Georgia State has a 1-2 road record in the A-Sun, and they won’t improve it in this game. However, with players like guard Kara Edwards, forward Evita Rogers, and guard Angelina Miller, the Panthers won’t go down easy. As long as FAU wins the turnover battle and the rebound battle, I don’t see them losing this game. It’s also a good possibility that this game will be won on a last second shot.

Corey’s pick: FAU 69-64When Georgia State comes to the FAU Gym to face the Lady Owls it will depend on which Owl team shows up to play the game. I believe it will be the women that won their first four of conference play.

Rick’s pick: FAU 68-60It’s perhaps one of the busiest four-day stretches for FAU Athletics this year (see events listings). The highlight of the four-day stretch is the Women’s basketball game against Georgia State at home on Saturday. I hope to see more fans there as our Lady Owls continue their winning ways and beat Georgia State. Tamika Piece and Trineca McCloud will step it up for the Owls.

Standings:Clark 9 pointsKoretzky 8 points Rick 6 points Corey 3 points Ched 2 points

Last pick results:Rick: Georgia State 80-75Clark: Georgia State 77-67 Corey: Georgia State 92-78Koretzky: Georgia State 90-70

Actual game result: Georgia State 66-64

Point system for the picks:Each writer gets one point if they correctly pick the winner of the game. The writers are also ranked according to the line they picked for the game. For example, Georgia State won the last game by two. Rick’s line of five points was the closest, so he was in first place. Clark’s line of 10 points was the second closest, and so on. Writers get three points for first place, two points for second and third place, and one point for fourth and fifth place. The tiebreaker for writers who pick the same line is the total amount of points they picked for the game.