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Hypnotist show gets a lot of laughs

Going to a petting zoo and looking down at a nudist colony from an airplane are just two of the things that volunteers at Dr. William Horton’s hypnotist show believed they did. There were many more funny moments at the show, which took place in the Majestic Palm Room on Jan. 22 at 7 p.m.

The show began when Dr. Horton asked for volunteers to be hypnotized. Before he got them to perform for the audience, he promised them a gift at the end of the show. After that, the real entertainment began. The first thing Dr. Horton had the participants imagine was that they were driving a car and it was very hot outside.

The volunteers did just that. For example, one of the volunteers began flapping her shirt back and forth. The audience was laughing immediately. They were amazed that these people actually believed what Dr. Horton was telling them. The things Dr. Horton told the volunteers to imagine continued to get more interesting, and the audience kept on laughing.

After he told them they were driving a car in hot weather, he told them to picture themselves in a petting zoo. The volunteers acted like they were petting animals. Then, Horton added a disgusting twist – he said that the animals had just crapped in their hands. The audience really enjoyed watching them try to get the crap off of their hands.

Another interesting situation that Dr. Horton told the participants to visualize was that they were in a plane, flying over a nudist colony. Everyone looked like they had their heads pressed up against airplane windows.

He also had them try to imagine they were driving a fast sports car. He convinced them that a cop was chasing them. Dr. Horton told the volunteers to just outrun them. However, one of the volunteers apparently didn’t hear him, because he immediately put his hands up.

Before Dr. Horton ended the show, he gave them the gift he promised, and also did one last thing for the audience’s enjoyment. He said that the gift was that every one of the volunteers would study better, and whatever they were working on in school would become easier.

His last bit of entertainment for the show was telling two of the participants to run out of the room, each yelling a different phrase. He told one of them to yell, “I don’t believe this bullshit!” as he ran out of the room. He told another volunteer to run out of the room and then yell, “The British are coming!”

Their cue for doing this was when Dr. Horton thanked FAU for letting him do a hypnotist show on their campus. After Dr. Horton brought everyone out of hypnosis and thanked FAU, the two volunteers ran screaming.

Dr. Horton said his first show in Florida went well. He was pleased with the participation of the volunteers and the audience.

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