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All work and no play makes Spring Break no fun

Spring Break. These two simple words often conjure images of half-naked bodies splayed across long stretches of beach, neighborhood bars full of barely legal drinkers as early as noon, and dance and strip clubs thronged with revelers until dawn.

For some FAU students, Spring Break is not “as seen on TV.” For us less fortunate souls, this week is usually full of long workdays, lunch hours spent laboring over class projects, and evenings attempting to find some semblance of relaxation (and maybe even a hot shower) amidst the household chaos.

Marisa Marquez, a junior, was hoping to spend some time in North Carolina with her husband, a US Marine, before he is shipped off to Iraq.

She was also invited to visit New York with a girlfriend and relax in a plush hotel, “but no can do, because I don’t have the money,” said Marquez, 22.

Like many other college students with limited incomes, Marquez will be staying home during her weeklong break from classes in order to work. “Some kids around here are able to spend the money, but I’ve never had handouts.” So, the Communications major’s only hope is that her new employer will provide her enough hours to make it worth her while to not travel.

Despite the importance of paying rent and buying groceries, schoolwork in some cases must take priority over making money. Professors frequently schedule exams and due dates for projects just as we return from our holiday, often assuming students have more available study time during Spring Break.

I myself will not be taking on any more hours at work than usual during the holiday, despite my need for the extra income, because I will be using the time to catch up on my reading and research for writing assignments. Many classes at the junior and senior levels are very labor-intensive and time-consuming, and I have found myself just keeping up with the syllabi by the skin of my teeth. I am not alone.

Calculus has meant an overwhelming amount of work for Nancy Aiello, 20, and for that reason she too plans on making Spring Break a time to play catch-up. The Business student has plenty of studying and writing to keep her occupied during much of the break, however she is still on the lookout for a great deal on a short cruise to nowhere. Aiello realizes that Spring Break happens at just this time of year for a very good reason we need it!

We may be unable to Spring Break like rock stars, but we are still worthy of some time away from the stresses of class work, housework, and employers. There is a plethora of activities to take part in during Spring Break week, as well as year-round, in South Florida.

There are new movies out in theatres, festivals at local parks, a bowling alley open 24 hours a day, bars galore, and, of course, the nearby beach for a quick bake in the sun. For us students who may be too busy to go to Mardi Gras this week, the trick is to squeeze in some much-deserved time for ourselves, even if only for a few hours.

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